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29. October, 2017

Every Sunday we choose 10 lucky users once a day to receive gifts from our sponsor Bitcoin. It is our way to express the gratitude for your continued support of our products and services.

You can choose a $5000 E- currency, New York Trip Voucher or 5 Bitcoins.

To win, all you have to do is answer the following three questions.

Notice: 10 randomly selected users receive this invitation and only a few prizes are available.

You have only 3 minutes 52 seconds To answer the following questions before giving up your chance to another lucky winner! Good luck!

Question 1 of 3:
Who is the Founder of Bitcoin?

(97% answer correctly)
Satoshi Nakamoto Gavin Andresen David Lee Chaum

Question 2 of 3:
When Bitcoin Started?

(73% answer correctly)
1955 1975 2008

Question 3 of 3:
What is Bitcoin?

(57% answer correctly)
Digital Currency Cryptocurrency Virtual currency

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Yes, I have won a $5000 e-currency! Thank you very much.
28. October, 2017

I just lucky enough to get the New York Trip vocher! It could not believe this is true! haha
27. October, 2017

Too too great! the first time winning something!
27. October, 2017

Hey, me too it! But do not worry, you can sell and buy 2 New York trip replace the $5000 e-currency: P
27. October, 2017

Just received my $5000 e-currency!
27. October, 2017

Honestly I need to win bitcoins, but out of stock ... well, I think the new york trip might be okay :)
27. October, 2017

Thought maybe was not real, but arrived this morning!
26. October, 2017

Oh man my best chance to get an 5 Bitcoins all yearr :-)
25. October, 2017